Soohyun Lee

Dr. Soohyun Lee

PhD in Bioinformatics, Boston University
Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
Soohyun Lee

Soo Lee received her Ph.D. in bioinformatics from Boston University in 2009. (Ph.D advisors :Zhiping Weng, Simon Kasif, Charles Cantor). She is currently working as part of the 4DNucleome Data Coordination and Integration Center, taking responsibility for setting up automated genomic workflows on the Amazon Cloud using Docker, Common Workflow Language and other technology.

Previously, she developed software tools for high throughput-sequencing of small RNAs while participating in the studies of siRNAs and piRNAs in fruit fly (2008-2009), in collaboration with Phil Zamore at UMMS. Then, she moved on to study mRNA-seq, implemented her ideas about how to better quantify gene and isoform expression levels, when available tools were still lacking. Later, she developed a better version of her first mRNA-seq algorithm (EMSAR).

She also participated in various projects that involves processing and analyzing a modified ribosome profiling data, analyzing somatic mutations from single-cell neuron whole genome sequences, comparing global gene expression levels between embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells, etc.