Phil Grayson

Dr. Phil Grayson

PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
Bioinformatics Scientist
Phil Grayson

Phil is currently working as a Research Associate – Biologist on the Clinical Genome Analysis Platform (CGAP) aiding in the development and implementation of automated pipelines for annotation of human genomic data within the Amazon Cloud environment.  

He completed his PhD in 2019 at Harvard University, where he studied the developmental genomics of large flightless birds with Dr. Scott Edwards in OEB and as a Visiting Scholar with Dr. Clifford Tabin at the Harvard Medical School.  Before starting at CGAP, Phil returned home to Winnipeg, Canada to compete a Postdoctoral Fellowship on the genomics of sex determination in the invasive sea lamprey.  During this time, he developed the SexFindR workflow for identification of sex-linked regions from population genomic data.  

Contact Information

p: 431-336-3821