Tian et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (2005)

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R package: sigPathway

Implemented by Weil R. Lai

The latest version is available from the Bioconductor website: http://www.bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/sigPathway.html

Version Package (Windows)
Source Code Help Comment Date
1.1-0 sigPathway_1.1-0.zip sigPathway_1.1-0.tar.gz sigPathway.pdf Sep. 2005
1.1-1 sigPathway_1.1-1.zip sigPathway_1.1-1.tar.gz a bug for the continuous phenotype case is fixed Dec. 2005
1.1-2 sigPathway_1.1-2.zip sigPathway_1.1-2.tar.gz a memory allocation routine was modified Feb. 2006
1.1-3 sigPathway_1.1-3.zip sigPathway_1.1-3.tar.gz sigpathway-1.1-3.manual.pdf a minor bug for the weights w_{ki} option fixed Mar. 2006
1.1-4 sigPathway_1.1-4.zip sigPathway_1.1-4.tar.gz minor bugs for permutations; for small samples, all possible permutations are now performed Apr. 2006

*For compiling on non-Windows platforms, please type, "R CMD INSTALL <full path to sigPathway tar.gz file>"

Expression Data

Muscle Data (49 samples)

Gene sets (R object)

For other array types, Entrez Gene IDs can be used as identifiers: Genesets_EntrezGeneIDs (all species, 3MB)

Updated U74av2 (mouse)7.31 MB
Updated U430v2 (mouse)6.64 MB
Updated U95av2 (human)7.14 MB
Updated U133a (human)7.13 MB
Updated U133plus2 (human)6.82 MB
Old U74av2 (mouse)4.13 MB
Old U95av2 (human)3.46 MB
Old U133a (human)3.72 MB
R Script to Create Gene Sets from Bioconductor Annotations1 KB