Apostolou et al., Cell Stem Cell (2013)

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  • HindIII resctriction fragments in mm9 genome assembly are defined as the genomic region between two consecutive HindIII restriction site. The start/end coordinates are the midlle position within the HindIII restriction sites.
  • Read counts per fragments are reads mapped at either the 5'-end or 3'-end of the HindIII fragment. Reads at bait fragments and other potential outliers have been excluded, as described in the article.
  • Read counts per gene are obtained by summing read counts at individual fragments overlapping the gene locus or a 20kb window upstream the annotated transcription start site.
  • Fragments annotations are reported as RefSeq genes where the fragment is overlapping either the gene body or a 20kb window upstream or downstream the annotated gene coordinates.

Data Files:

Annotations for HindIII fragments10.08 MB
Datamatrix of fragment level read counts9.34 MB
Datamatrix of gene level read counts526 KB
List of m4C-seq samples1 KB