More new members!

June 6, 2016

We have had several new people joining the lab in the past few months. In February, Dhawal joined us from Peter Becker's lab in Munich and Su joined us from Shirley Liu's lab at Tongji University/Dana-Farber. In April, Tiziana joined us from the University of Padova in Italy; Vince joined us from the Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology (Detlef Weigel's group) in Tübingen; Alison joined us as a junior scientific programmer after her bachelor's studies in biology/archaeological studies at Yale and master's studies in biological sciences at Cambridge (UK).  In June, Carl Vitzthum joined us also as a junior scientific programmer after his biology/computation studies at Colby. 

Our 4DN team is growing rapidly, with the addition (finally!) of our senior software developer Jeremy Johnson, curator Koray Kirli, and, very soon, senior curator Andy Schroeder. We also had Chris Nam, a rotation student from System Biology PhD program, who has been doing terrific work for 4DN!