Kim et al., Cancer Research (2011)

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The classification labels and expression profiles for the 470 microRNAs across 261 glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) from TCGA are available below.

  • The file contains two header lines of TCGA ID (12 characters) and 5 GBM classes (based on microRNA expression; see the article for details). The first two columns show the microRNA name and 5 microRNA classes (also see the article for details).
  • Note that the microRNA classification (Neural precursors, Oligoneural precursors, Multipotent precursors, Astrocytic precursors, Neuromesenchymal precursors) is only available for top 121 microRNAs that were used for GBM classification ('NA' for the remaining 349 microRNAs).
  • The order of microRNAs and GBMs in the file is the same with a heatmap in Fig.1 of the article.
  • The expression profile was obtained as 'LV3 microRNA expression' from TCGA portal and quantile normalized per 470 microRNAs across 261 GBMs. For clustering and generation of a heatmap, we performed row-wise/column-wise normalization in GenePattern.

Data Files:

exp_470mir_261tcgagbm.txt1.48 MB